Strategy Assessment

Strategy Assessment

We provide a best fit approach to establishing a scalable Information Management strategy.

Whether you are initiating your first business intelligence project or looking to improve their existing BI infrastructure, Edgematics’ team can help you achieve your business goals by leveraging existing asset of information to deliver high-impact results. Our proven methodologies enable us to quickly understand current state and future vision. We assess existing environments and provide recommendations to align with business goals. By analyzing and verifying requirements, we lay the foundation for a phased approach, cost effective resource utilization along with a detailed project plan to achieve rapid Return on your Investment.

Strategy Consulting
In this phase, Edgematics’ team start by working with customers to identify and prioritize their Business Intelligence goals and objectives and then mapping out the specific business and technology strategies to realize those goals in the most timely and cost-efficient manner.
Edgematics’ BI Assessment Methodology ensures a deep understanding of the customer’s critical business challenges and information requirements. We start with working together with the customer’s business Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Together, we define the information requirements, assess information awareness and build the information portfolio which outlines the strategic Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will be governed by the project.

Tools Assessment & Roadmap
As a next step in the Edgematics BI Assessment Methodology, we focus on working together with the customer’s IT team to assess their overall BI capabilities and readiness to meet the defined business objectives.

We start by evaluating the application landscape and current data infrastructure and then perform a gap analysis. The next step is a technology and tools evaluation to find the best fit solution for the customer that leverages their current infrastructure where possible. The result is a detailed blueprint for the recommended BI architecture and roadmap for development, implementation and ongoing support and maintenance.

Proof of Concept & Prototyping
Business Intelligence and Data warehousing systems represent a major commitment of funds and resources and are intended to leverage the competitive capabilities of a company. It is critical that the fundamental elements necessary for a successful implementation be established up-front. This can be achieved through prototyping and proofs of concept (POC).

Edgematics offers a BI Proof of Concept service to help customers better visualize their specific business intelligence solution and ensure its successful implementation in the production environment. Our process uses a partially populated Data model/warehouse/mart and a collection of business intelligence reports that provide a broad range of sophisticated cause-and-effect analysis. The POC is based on a limited data model, which incorporates relevant business data to enable users to fully understand the value of a fully implemented data model, warehouse or mart.

The POC is often used to evaluate the tools and efforts necessary to integrate the selected tools. The prototype can be used as the foundation or starting point for a full production system. This provides extra assurance to customers that the technology, tools and platform proposed are the best choice for their environment in advance of the full investment.

BI Center of Excellence (CoE)
Edgematics’ Centers of Excellence are comprised of skilled, experienced and high performance teams that provide insight, guidance and services in the Data Management, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Disciplines through a proven set of best practices. The members of these teams are core competency experts within their respective discipline, certified in one or more technology products. They work directly with client teams providing mentoring, education and the necessary knowledge transfer to empower clients with a proven, experience-based, and best practices approach.

This unique combination of best-in-class resources and best practices guarantee the delivery of added-value to our clients. Edgematics’ BI CoE objective is to develop industry best practices that can be deployed in our client environment. With various versions of the tools regularly coming into the market, clients are faced with a tough task of whether or not to implement them without the knowledge of the benefits and risks.

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