Tableau Self service BI Platform

Tableau Self-service BI Platform

Definition of Self-Service BI

Self-service business intelligence is defined here as end users designing and deploying their own reports and analyses within an approved and supported architecture and tools portfolio.
These focus on four main objectives:

  1. easier access to source data for reporting and analysis,
  2. easier and improved support for data analysis,
  3. faster deployment options such as appliances and cloud computing,
  4. and simpler, customizable, and collaborative end-user interfaces.

We think talented people in business, good consumers of analytics, have a lot of questions that they want to answer. How’s my product doing? How are my marketing campaigns doing? How should I forecast the value of this thing that I am creating?

Tableau is a BI tool that puts the power in the users’ hands; they can perform the what-if analyses and look at the different scenarios and come to decisions in real time, as opposed to days or weeks. Instead of trying to craft their own way through the data, Tableau users are able to inspect the output very quickly and figure out the best way to tell the story behind it.

Being able to transform data into actionable insights can enable the business user to move from opinion-based decisions to data-driven decisions.

With Tableau you get to be ‘Part Scientist and Part Artist’.

Data analysis is a creative process. We can have a clear understanding of the World by understanding Data. People who work with data, are the most creative thinkers of our society. We believe that unleashing their creative genius is the most important goal of a modern business intelligence strategy. It is broadly acknowledged that creative thinking is crucial to the arts, but how many people out there are supporting creative thinking as a crucial requirement of a BI tool platform?

For many years BI tools have been dominated by templates and dialog boxes constraining our thoughts to a narrow pre-approved path of thinking. With Tableau, we are trying to expand your expressiveness with data by giving you a canvas for innovation.

Tableau brings soul to your data and data comes alive. It’s “night and day” concept in terms of difference from data base and Tableau.

Today we can do more with less as data becomes a part of day to day conversations.

  • We encourage people to use their data
  • Find answers to the questions you didn’t know you had
  • Have inspired thoughts about how to improve your business
  • Identify your pain areas
  • Look at your business development from a different perspective
  • Tell a story with the help of the dashboards
  • Spread business intelligence more widely throughout the organization
  • Invite the facts to your meetings.

The reports don’t answer your questions and you leave your meeting with more questions than you went in with. So you go create more reports, then call another meeting. Why not interact with data live during the meeting? With Tableau you can filter, sort and discuss data on the fly. Ask and answer questions in the moment, face-to-face with your colleagues. That’s real collaboration.

Try Tableau Today by downloading a 14 day trial here: DOWNLOAD

At Edgematics, we enable and empower organisations to develop a self service BI Culture and drive better decision making. We have many successful implementations in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Feel free to reach out to us.

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